Do you Sell 100s of copies of the same website?

No. We limit the amount of each website to around 30 copies before we totally redesign the site and add new content and images. if you have PHP developer you can modify based on your idea.

What kind of experience do you have. Can I trust your skills?

We have an experience of powering 10,000+ web sites for over 12 years now. We have been improving our scripts for last 12 years. You can be very sure that they are extensively tested, very sound and reliable scripts.

What sort of guarantee you offer ?

You will be provided  working script as shown in our online demo. If you find any bug, we will correct it for free of cost.

After I buy the software, how long can I use it ?

Forever. All scripts come with lifetime license.

What about update, are they free?

We offer six months Free update for our all scripts.

After making payment, how long does it take to deliver the product from your side?

We will Send the Download Link to you Within 2 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday), If its Weekend then the scripts will be delivered within 12 hours (Saturday -Sunday)

Are there any other cost or charges ?

The only additional charges you will have to pay is the website hosting and Domain name . If needed we will charge for the Installation.

Is there any possibility to change Logo, email ID, website name, etc... ?

Yes you can change, we are providing that facilities via admin , you can change Contact Name , E-mail Id, PayPal, Website Name, Logo, About us, Terms & Condition, etc..

For more attraction I would like to change the entire design of the script, is it possible? If yes, what will be the cost for that?

Yes, of course you can 100% change the entire design based on your own ideas. contact us for more info.

Can I have a refund if I don't like the website?

We invest alot money and time to develop  and deliver this kind of quality product to the users, Unfortunately refund is not possible it’s because of digital product are non returnable product. So please be aware before you purchase the scripts. Check the demo to be sure you really want it or not before payment.